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We have been thinking, researching, and racking our brains about how to educate people about the failures of our clothing industry.  We have put our marketing caps on.  We want to make a compelling argument about why you should buy our clothing versus something that was made in a sweatshop.  Choose OWL’s hoodie over any other mainstream hoodie you can find.  We could give statistics.  Define what a sweatshop is.  Share a story; put a name to the people that make mass produced cloths.  But what would that accomplish? At times it seems all too much.  How do we as humans solve such a massive problem?  A problem that is so systemic that many of us don’t even know it’s...

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More Local Then Ever.

We love placing that order.  Buying new rolls of our all American grown and milled organic fabrics never gets old.  Getting the shipment in the mail and unwrapping the rolls is like Christmas morning every single time.  However, there is something that we have come to love even more.  We are still purchasing that same eco-friendly and sustainable fabric but now we are buying it ALL undyed.  We are adding another purchase to our process.  We are buying the dye too!   We have taken our local production to the next level.  We are dying our fabrics in-house with the most earth friendly dyes we can get our hands on.  As a result we have more colors and more control...

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InDecision Buffet

We work hard to source our materials locally.  Our organic cotton fabric is grown and milled right here in the U.S.  While cotton grown in the U.S. isn't unheard of it is usually shipped overseas to be milled.  We are proud of the fact that from seed to store our products stay close to home.  To take it one step further we are working towards dying our fabric right here in Leelanau County.  We will continue to use low impact fiber reactive dyes but now we will add the dying process to our steps in bringing you a unique, functional, and conscious garment.  Narrowing down our colors from all the choices is not an easy decision but it is fun!...

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Newest Colors at OWL

Our colors keep changing as we keep exploring.  Take a look at our two newest options Black and Beet Berry.  All of our 100% organic cotton is grown and milled in the U.S.  These bright hues are achieved by using low-impact fiber-reactive dyes.  The absorption rate of fiber reactive dyes is at least 80% creating less waste water runoff and as a result have a lower impact on our environment.  These bright, rich, and colorfast colors contain no heavy metals or other toxic substances and meet the GOTS (global organic textile standards) for organic certification requirements.    

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Its Been a While.

We know.  It has been a while.  We have been hard at work!  Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Fall colors and new beach front store in Omena Michigan!

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