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Round two of the Polar Vortex.

Since moving to the farmhouse we have been fortunate to witness beauty and quite unlike any other.  There is something special about this place and coming from an urban upbringing only highlights the uniqueness of this area.  That is not to say we haven't been confronted with our own set of new challenges since we have been here.  Often times taking on a comical spin...from broken tractors to mow our enormous yard to having to rehang the barn door during a snow storm (using a ladder that probably originated with this 150 year old home).  The good times keep rolling in.  This week is the second time the polar vortex has hit.  We have had our share of tough winters.  We lived in the Rocky Mountains before this, we can handle anything...right?  We have high hopes.  Thankfully, we have food and heat.  We are burning wood that has been in the root cellar for who knows how long.  Its so cold that our husky won't even brave the weather for a quick mouse at this vary moment he has beaten the weather and gotten his mouse.

The blower on our tractor is down again.  We are waiting for the plow company to come so hopefully we can get the screw for the snow blower on the tractor.  Last night we had friends for dinner who almost had to spend the night.  Taking on up to three foot snow drifts on our quarter mile drive, luckily they made it out safe.  So, today we are stranded in these blizzard like conditions.  Stock is simmering, the child is coloring, the dog is hunting.  So what are we two adults to do other then refine our skills as pattern makers!  Specifically sleeves.  There is no better time then the least that's what the weather indicates!