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More Local Then Ever.

We love placing that order.  Buying new rolls of our all American grown and milled organic fabrics never gets old.  Getting the shipment in the mail and unwrapping the rolls is like Christmas morning every single time.  However, there is something that we have come to love even more.  We are still purchasing that same eco-friendly and sustainable fabric but now we are buying it ALL undyed.  We are adding another purchase to our process.  We are buying the dye too!  

We have taken our local production to the next level.  We are dying our fabrics in-house with the most earth friendly dyes we can get our hands on.  As a result we have more colors and more control over the colors we create.  We could not be more enthusiastic about our newest addition to the OWL team.  Meet Corine.  She is the genius behind all of our new rich colors.  Keep your eyes open for all the magic that is happening at OWL!