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What kinds of dyes do you use?

We have moved away from the bright colors of the low impact fiber-reactive dyes to the more natural environmentally friendly living indigo vats.  While fiber reactive dyes are the gentlest synthetic dye you can use it still has its negative environmental impact.  Our indigo vats are living.  They need to be tended by keeping them warm and feeding them.  We love them and they love us right back.  The variations you can get from indigo are endless and as a result each garment is unique in its color and variations.  You can neutralize the vat and it can go right back into the earth, keeping our land and water ways clean.  This is just one more step we are taking to loving our land and caring for our fresh water in the Great Lakes region!

Will your hoodies shrink? 

All of our in-house dyed fabrics have been washed and dried already.  As a result shrinkage is not really an issue.  However, you may find some slight shrinkage if you choose an undyed garment.  We do recommend washing all of our products on cold and hanging or tumble drying on low to keep the colors fresh and the size consistent. 

 Do you plan to use any natural plant dyes in the future?  

We are experimenting with creating dyes from regional botanicals.  We will keep you posted on any colors we develop as the season progresses.  This is really exciting to us because it puts a unique spin on taking home a piece of Leelanau county.