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What kinds of dyes do you use?

All of our dyes are low impact fiber-reactive dyes.  This type of dye bonds directly with the garment fibers rather than merely remaining as an independent chemical entity within the fiber. The benefits of low impact fiber reactive dye include:

* contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances, and do not need mordants.
* are easy to apply and are available in a wide range of colors and wash-fast bright colors.
* fixation or absorption rate of low-impact dyes is at least 70%, creating less waste water runoff than conventional dyeing processes.
* are applied at relatively low temperatures saving energy.
*the used water can also be recycled.
* the dye cycle is shorter than it is for other dye processes, meaning less water, salt and chemicals are needed.
* recent advances have created fibre-reactive dyes with colors that are brighter and richer, and they provide excellent colorfast properties.

Will your hoodies shrink? 

All of our in-house dyed fabrics have been washed and dried already.  As a result shrinkage is not really an issue.  However, you may find some slight shrinkage if you choose an undyed garment.  We do recommend washing all of our products on cold and hanging or tumble drying on low to keep the colors fresh and the size consistent. 

 Do you plan to use any natural plant dyes in the future?  

We are experimenting with creating dyes from regional botanicals.  We will keep you posted on any colors we develop as the season progresses.  This is really exciting to us because it puts a unique spin on taking home a piece of Leelanau county.