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Our Process

Design and Fabric Choice

Sometimes the design dictates the fabric choice and sometimes we stumble upon a beautiful fabric which inspires the design. Either way, our design philosophy is to create garments that are classic, streamlined, and functional. We design with the mindset that each piece can please every gender and every generation. During the design process we work towards only incorporating the bare necessities. No draw cord to get lost. No bulky seams and itchy tags. The result is a minimilist garment that you can feel good in and good about.

We use all organic materials that are grown and manufactured domestically in family owned spinning, knitting, and finishing mills. In the past the American textile industry was a booming trade, however, these days it is extremely rare to find fabrics that are not only farmed and also milled on U.S. soil. We take pride in the fact that from seed to store our products have been completely made in the U.S.A. By doing so, each purchase contributes back to a growing movement which creates local employment for companies that promote ethical work environments.

                                                                   Dying the Fabric

This slow clothing process continues with a customer placing an order. While we do keep a small inventory we strive to make each order as it is placed. This approach enables us to utilize a smaller space, conserve our resources, and create each garment for the person it was purchased for.

All of our fabric is locally dyed on site in our studio. We have moved away from using low impact fiber reactive dyes and towards using organic indigo vats!  This transformation allows us to become even more deeply rooted in our personal standards and beliefs that beautiful color and fabrics don’t need to have a big impact on the people and the places around us. Each piece of fabric is purposefully dyed for each garment. As a result the final product is unique in the shade and variations that this handmade process provides.

*More information and pictures about our indigo dying process coming soon!

                                                            Constructing the Garment

Each garment is constructed at our shop in Suttons Bay, Michigan. At any given moment a customer can walk into our store and see the process unfolding before them. You can see the use of carefully and purposfully designed patterns to cut each piece. When the cutting process is complete construction is done by hand and all the pieces are brought together using 100% organic cotton thread. Finally, we deliver or ship these one of a kind garments to their new home.









Each dollar we spend as consumers tells a story. The story is the journey of each product, and each person it takes to make and transport it. The question is what story will your dollar tell?